When you decide to start running, whether to keep fit or professionally, there are a few running aids that you will need. These items will help make the running experience more rewarding and easier. While there are a ton of items to add to your female runner’s checklist, here we highlight the most basic ones to get you started. Read on.

1. Running Watch

The most crucial part of any sports run for beginners is to keep track of the time you take to complete a particular course. To help you with this, a running watch comes in very handy. A good running watch will have a stopwatch feature and be waterproof. This feature will allow you to run even in a light drizzle and have the watch function normally.

2. Hydration Jacket

Remaining hydrated is crucial for running, this is especially true for long courses. If you try and imagine it, it is quite a difficult task to run with a bottle of water in hand. You are sure to lose pace and probably your uncoordinated hand movement will mean you won’t be able to cover a long distance. A hydration jacket is similar to a normal jacket but lightweight. It comes with several compartments that allow you to store your water bottles when running.

3. Running Armband

In the world that we live in, it is hard to keep our phones away because of business and other commitments. Most running gear will not come with pockets that can allow you to store your phone while you run. Thus, the need to buy an armband that will allow you to strap your device on your arm while you do your daily run. An armband can also come in handy if you need to use your phone as a stopwatch.