About Us

Our website strives to offer you information on all female track and field disciplines. We endeavour to include information on all events happening around the country while giving you valuable information on how to take care of yourself as a track and field competitor.

You will be able to get information on women of all ages in various track and field disciplines. Information is also available for coaches, trainers and parents. There will also be news on competitions that happen in the country and around the world.

The website details information on the three main disciplines of track and field,namely track, field and combined events.

Track events encompass running certain specified distances on the track with some having obstacles like hurdles, while others are in relay form.

Field events fall under two categories, namely jumps and throws. Competing in jumps involves getting judged on the height and length of your jump, and includes pole vaulting and high jumps. In throwing, the competitors are judged on how far they throw implements such as javelins, discuses, and heavy weights.

Finally, the combined event requires the competitor to take part in both track and field events. Points are given on each discipline, and a total on all of them will determine the winner.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to inform and educate women of all ages participating in track and field, and their trainers and guardians.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this website is to:

  • Help trainers and guardians develop, select and lead female track and field competitors in their respective competitive disciplines.
  • Pinpoint competitions happening around the country that female competitors can participate in.
  • Provide general information on anything that deals with track and field, especially information for women’s track and field competitors.
  • Provide information on the different workouts and training programs that female track and field competitors can do.
  • Provide records of the best performances that happen in competitions around the country especially in local, national and international fixtures.

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