It comes as no surprise that what Katarina Johnson-Thompson (heptathlon competitor) eats totally differs from what Sophie Hitchon (hammer thrower) eats. In track and field which has many different disciplines, a long distance runner eats differently compared to a short distance runner or a thrower.

Long distance runners are usually advised to consume a lot of carbohydrates while sprinters are advised to eat more meats, especially lean meats. All in all, it all depends on how your body works and the main thing is to balance out your dietary needs.

Consuming whole grained carbohydrates will give more fuel to your muscles as it gets converted to glucose which will give your body more vitality to handle the mental and physical pressures of competing. Proteins for physically active people help them build and repair their muscles.

Whatever track and field event you chose to take part in, make sure that what you eat is of good quality and that your food varies. If need be, talk to a nutritionist to outline a balanced diet for you.

Sprinter, Thrower and Jumper Diet

For wholesome body function a sprinter, thrower, and jumper need to eat an assortment of carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, and fruits. The body cannot do without all the major food groups as the carbohydrates give your body fuel and energy while the proteins build your body.

Middle-Distance Runner Diet

These types of competitors train on their endurance and resistance when on the tracks. Their diets need them to find a balance on their fuel consumption and building of their muscles. Iron in middle-distance runners is important especially for the women so their diets should include foods such as seafood, liver, red meat and green leafy vegetables.

Long-Distance Runner Diet

A long distance runner burns through their body fuels due to the distance run hence why all long distance runners are advised to pile up on carbohydrates days before a meet. Foods such as pasta, bread, and whole grains are acceptable. Consult with a nutritionist on the best options for your body.