Women in sports have come a long way. There was a time women were denied the chance to run marathons to the extent of being bulldozed off the tracks, and now we have women holding records in marathons and other sports disciplines that are majorly dominated by men.

In the United Kingdom, many women were able to participate in many major games such as football, rugby, cricket, netball, volleyball, and handball. All this came to be in the 19th century when women took part in the so called “new games” of that time which were hockey, cycling, lawn tennis, and golf.

Associations such as Women In Sport which came to being in the late 1980s have been advocating for women and girls to participate in many sports in the United Kingdom.

Many women are taking part in individual sports such as cycling, golf, tennis, swimming, surfing, and fishing, yes, you read that right fishing as a sport for women has become so popular.

Tennis became popular in the 19th century for women and it is graded as the most successful sport for women around the world.

Not forgetting gymnastics which come in both individual and team sets. The United Kingdom has a very strong female gymnastic presence which competes neck to neck with countries such as the United States of America, China, and Russia who are world-renowned for their excellent gymnastic teams.

When it comes to team sports for women, games like football, rugby, volleyball, handball, netball, and basketball are the most popular sports for women to take part in. In the United Kingdom, women’s football is very popular thanks to its counterpart the men’s football.

Women’s rugby is also very popular with competition going to world championships. Not left behind is basketball, volleyball, and handball. They all have a very competitive edge for women as they perform wonderfully in all of them. Don’t forget the 2020 Summer Olympics are coming up offering a great opportunity to watch a number of your favourite sports while cheering for your country! And for those of you who like to bet on your favourite sports you can check out Unibets sports betting offers.