There is nothing as disgusting as reaching out for gym equipment and finding out it is all sweaty thanks to the last user who decided cleaning their sweat off the equipment was not necessary. It is only courteous to clean up after yourself at the gym and anywhere else as necessary. What does this have to do with throwing equipment?

Well, the rules apply to throw equipment too. Nobody likes using dirty and destroyed equipment. As a thrower, the following are some guidelines you can follow to keep your implements sparkly and not dented.

  • It goes without saying that you have to clean your implement after using it. If it is rusty, you can use CLR.
  • Spray WD-40 on the implements. Spray a little extra on the hammer especially on its swivel, handles, and wires.
  • Who would have thought olive oil on the implements could work wonders? Yep, apply a layer on the implement’s surface.
  • When storing javelins, do not pile them on top of each other or leaning on the wall and its point on the floor, rather store them horizontally and off the floor.
  • Keep all your implements dry and when storing them, make sure it is at a dry place. Indoor shot puts and throwing weights should not be stored in cold places.
  • Do not store implements such as hammers, discuses and shot puts in one storage box. It is advised to make sure each implement has its own storage box. Better yet, if you are a hammer thrower, make sure when you are storing it, it hangs on a wall and make sure that the ball is not touching the floor.

The above are a few general rules to follow when cleaning and storing your throwing implements. When purchasing your implements, they do come with individual instructions on how to take care of them, follow those rules dedicatedly and your implements will last a long time.