This pain is known to stop runners dead on the track, literally. It usually appears in the abdominal area to the right of the navel of a runner and they come and go. The pain might happen in one race and not occur in the next.

Not much is known about this pain and there are many theories out there of what really causes it. What is important to know is how one can prevent it from happening and if it happens, what can one do to ease the pain.

As the name suggests, it mostly happens in runners more so young female runners who are not accustomed to running as of yet.

When you experience a sharp stabbing pain in your abdomen, especially on the lower right side and it goes away as soon as you stop running or training, then you have just experienced runner’s side stitch.

There is no form of treatment for this, all it needs you to do is stop running or doing the activity you were doing for a maximum of 2 minutes or till the pain subsides, then you can pick up from where you stopped.

To probably cut down on the possibility of a runner’s side stitch happening, you should follow the following suggestions:

  • Do not change your diet drastically, especially before a meet.
  • Eat low-fat meals and a couple of meals a few hours before you train or compete.
  • When it hits you, stop running and bend forward, while doing so, clench where the pain is coming from tightly.
  • Drink water or Gatorade every 10 to 15 minutes for your body to absorb the fluids better.
  • Consider changing how you breathe when running. Inhale 1, 2, 3 and exhale 1, 2.
  • When running, pace yourself by slowing down a little.
  • To expand your diaphragm and to open it up, take deep breaths.

Take note that it might work for you or not as bodies differ.