To be the best track and field female athlete, you will need to train like one. You need to follow some of the strictest exercises and regiments that will give you that extra edge to become the fastest, strongest and best athlete out on the track and the field.

These exercises and regiments are fashioned according to your body and abilities so that they help you to capitalise on your performance while reducing any occurrence of injuries.

Male and female track/field athletes train the same with not so much differences as they all have to make sure that they develop in their quickness, strong points, and control. However, there are some differences in how female track and field athletes compete compared to their male counterparts.

It is understood that you will need to be in good health and shape for great results on the field.

The following are some tips for female track and field athletes to always consider while training:

Tip # 1: Your Starts Need Training

In the first few seconds, the way you start plays a big part on how you finish. When training, make sure your straightaway start is strong and also when you hit the curve the push ahead should gain momentum for a strong finish. Train like this at least two times a week or four times a week.

Tip # 2: Weight Training

To be able to explode off the start line and add on your quickness, it is advisable to do weight training such as squats, snatch, dead-lifts and bench-presses among others for effective results. Do all this with a coach who knows what he is doing of course.

Tip # 3: Endurance Training

To have better body form, endurance training is imperative. A fit body that is aerobically trained will make you strong for the hard-hitting final stretches of your track and field disciplines.

Keep the above in mind while training and you are well on your way to lead on the track and in the field.